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The Ladies Love LandShark.  Is it his soulful brown eyes, long floppy ears, luscious red coat or constant readiness to launch a puppy kiss attack?  Or is it all of the above?  One thing is for sure, LandShark is the 10 pound lothario of Yorba Linda.  LandShark is the ying to Murphy’s yang.  While his brother Murphy (aka El Diablo) is fiercely independent, LandShark is the consummate momma’s boy.  Resulting in numerous occasions where he becomes trapped in closets, garages, bedrooms, etc. because he follows momma into a room and doesn’t follow her out quickly enough.  LandShark’s favorite things are: runs at the Huntington Beach dog beach, tug of war, digging holes in the carpet in an attempt to bury rawhide bones and hide them from his brother, eating the extremities off his stuffed toys (much to the dismay of momma) and wrestling with Murphy.  His favorite song is “Fins” by Jimmy Buffett since it contains his namesake lyric “Just behind the reef are the big white teeth of the sharks that can swim on the land.”  Currently, LandShark spends his days hunting lizards in the sun on his balcony.  However, he aspires to make it to the 17th Annual Wiener Nationals on July 14, 2012, where he has his sights set on the champion’s giant red and yellow Wienerschnitzel dog house.

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