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May 28, 2012 – Rollin’ with my Homies

There’s nothing a gangsta likes better than rolling with his homies on a warm summer day.  Today LandShark and I got to pay a visit to our homies over on the Southwest side of Anaheim.  There were six of us rolling out today like the crazy dog pack that we are.  Coach Brenda was in charge of our reins and making sure we didn’t start any fights with the jealous mutts around town.  Our crew consisted of the following: myself the infamous El Diablo, LandShark (who will go all Shark attack on you if you’re not careful), big girl Mahi a Shepherd mix who also works as the unofficial bodyguard of Brewski Bros Racing (fans can get crazy ya know?), Mad Max a Terrier/Doxie mix who will chase you down then steal your ball, Kody a husky mix who was hangin  in town for a couple of days and last but not least my crazy little lady Nikita, the most vicious teacup Chihuahua in any hood.

We started our walk to our favorite restaurant on the block, an old school Wienerschnitzel stand with a doggy friendly patio.  We all got to chow down on some scrumptious Wienerschnitzel turkey dogs (Coach Brenda doesn’t want us getting chunky before the Wiener Nationals). Then we took the long way back home though some neighborhoods and schools so we could get some good exercise and walk off our lunch.  We ran into a Pit Bull who was acting all tough and staring us down hard but my girl Nikita put him in his place quick and had him running with his tail between his legs.  He found out the hard way that 4 lbs of Chihuahua equals 400 lbs of ATTITUDE!  It takes a special kind of crazy to keep El Diablo the most interesting Wiener in the world interested.  By the time our walk was done, we were all pretty tired, so me and the Shark said our goodbyes and headed home to momma.

When we got home we told momma all about our day’s adventures and how my crew showed the neighborhood who was boss once and for all.  That’s when momma told me I had a Napoleon complex…who the hell is Napoleon and why is he trippin?  I’m guessing he must have been a very important leader of Wiener dogs or a big powerful German Shepherd if I remind momma of him.  I’m getting sleepy now, so I’m gonna keep it real and go night night.

~El Diablo, the most interesting Wiener in the world.