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June 3, 2012 – Balboa Island Parade & Huntington Beach Dog Beach

Today LandShark and I were invited to walk in the Balboa Island Parade with the OC Doxie Meet Up group under the name “The Real Wieners of Orange County”.

It was a great day to be a wiener!  There were lots of people at the parade that were really nice to my brother and me.  We got lots of head pets and compliments on our costumes (thanks grandma).  LandShark dressed up as a Shark (obvious choice) and I got to strut my stuff in a hula boy outfit (even if I did get called a girl all day).  Of note, I am pretty sure that putting me in a grass skirt was Momma’s way of trying to ruin my street cred as top gangsta in our Yorba Linda hood, but what she didn’t plan on was that El Diablo makes everything look good…even a skirt.  It takes a true gangsta to rock a grass skirt and a pink Hawaiian shirt!

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After the parade Momma took us to the Huntington Beach Dog Beach as a reward for being good wieners at the parade.  LandShark and I love the doggy beach, it’s a nice long stretch of beach where we can run off leash and chase each other and other doggies until our little legs won’t run anymore.  And since we were so good at the parade and didn’t bark once we decided to use all our pent up energy and bark at EVERYBODY at the dog beach hound or human.  Momma wasn’t real happy about what she referred to as a bunch of unnecessary regulatin’ by me and my brother.  Oh well, at least we went 1 for 2 on the behaving scale instead of 0 for 2.

Dog Beach photos to follow… 

~El Diablo, the most interesting Wiener in the world.