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Last summer LandShark and myself, El Diablo were approached to appear in the sequel to 2013’s Wiener Dog Nationals movie.  The sequel which will premiere in Los Angeles at the Grove on March 26, 2015 is titled The Wiener Dog Internationals and continues to follow the story of Shelly a rescue Dachshund and her racing adventures with her adoptive family.  Since we had so much fun filming the first movie we jumped at the chance to play barking scenery in the sequel.

I always knew I would be a star outside of my own mind and it was about time the world started to notice!  We were cast as the racing delegates from Egypt and Kenya and had costumes to represent our countries.  And I must say Kenya has never looked so bad ass thanks to me.  LandShark really lucked out because he looks just like Mila Miesner the main star dog and so he got to play one of her back ups as the lead dog Shelly.  Not because he’s talented but because he’s smaller and lighter and the kid actor could hold him easily (lucky dog).

We’re really excited to see the finished product this March, the trailer was released a couple months ago and we both made it into the race scenes and LandShark made it into a scene as Shelly so he’s super stoked.  Below are some photos from the set and the photo shoot we did in our international costumes.

~ El Diablo, the most interesting Wiener in the world  Sexy and I know it!

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