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This is a throwback to when El Diablo raced at the 20th Annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals on July 18, 2015.  Brewski Bros Racing’s team videographer Mike Williams shot the video of the racing demon El Diablo.


Below is El Diablo’s audition story that earned him the right to compete.

The Story of El Diablo

Cerberus in Greek and Roman mythology is the guardian of the gates of Hades.  He is a three headed dog with the tail of a serpent and the claws of a lion.  It is this gigantic hound which guards the gates to Hell to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld.  The Cerberus is one of the great Greek monsters and it is believed that it is from this great monster that El Diablo was born into the world.

The legend goes that this hell hound sired only one living son and that son was the magnificent El Diablo.  Sadly, Cerberus was angered that his only son to survive birth was the runt and as such El Diablo was cast out of Hades in shame to wander the Earth.  In his time spent on Earth El Diablo learned to appreciate the small things in life but still was unable to shake the humiliation of being cast out of his home in Hell.  While he may have been a runt he was strong willed and determined to win his place back at his father’s side at the gates of Hell.  It was this relentless desire that pushed him to work on his ability to strike fear into the hearts of humans with his ferocious growl, swift speed and booming bark.  He also discovered that he could control any mortal that looked into the deep inky pools of his eyes and no human could fight his lightning fast Cobra strike kiss.

It is El Diablo’s wish that he be allowed to compete in the 20th Annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals so that he may attain the glory that has hid from him for so long and so that he may have his chance to return to Hades and be welcomed into his father’s claws as a champion.

El Diablo

diablo 1

Dad (Cerberus)



Some photos from race night!

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