On March 14, 2019, our Murphy lost his fight against cancer. He took his last breath while being held in his daddy’s arms. We are completely heartbroken by this loss but are grateful that he is no longer in pain. We are blessed for every day that we had with our sweet sweet Murphy.  We will never forget his sweet face, his soulful eyes, his endless carrot squeaking, his booty shaking tail wag, his unstoppable appetite, turf wars with his brother over toys and dog beds, his belly rub rollovers, his search for the perfect sunning spot, his sweet stinky kisses or his equally sweet snoring. Murphy was 11 lbs of pure joy that would always bring a smile to your face.  Murphy we miss you so very much and while you may be gone you will forever live in our hearts and never ever be forgotten. You will always be the best boy. ❤


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