Coaching Staff

Jennifer, Murphy & LandShark

Head Coach Jennifer

Jennifer is a native Californian and the proud parent of two mini doxies LandShark and Murphy.  An avid photographer and writer she enjoys photographing pets in and around Southern California.  Jennifer writes both fiction and non-fiction ranging from blogs, news articles, press releases and screenplays to grocery lists and checks to the vet.  She is also the full time “momager” and translator of the Brewski Bros Racing team who are active participants in the SoCal wiener racing circuit.  Jennifer is proud of her boys’ crusading lifestyle and is a strong supporter of the Wiener Nation!  Viva la wiener!!

Assistant Coach Matt

Matt, Murphy & Landshark

Matt is a native Californian and the proud father of two mini doxies LandShark and Murphy.  He is the full-time strength training and speed coach of Brewski Bros Racing. He carefully monitors the boys work outs as well as ensuring they stay hydrated and full of treats at all times!

6 thoughts on “Coaching Staff”

  1. Jenny…I love you dearly, but do believe you have COMPLETELY lost your marbles!!

  2. This is the greatest blog I have ever seen. PLEASE keep posting!!!

  3. You should check out Mila’s web page and Facebook. We also race at all the local dachshund races. I found you throu a google search. We are friends with nanny of the local racers. We will be racing at the pet expo and temecula hope to meet you there.

  4. Hey, Jennifer. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post And the Wiener is … I see why you share my enthusiasm. Your boys are precious.

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