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Diary of a Disobedient Dachshund – When cousin came to town

Summer, 2012 – When cousin came to town

Like all gangsta dogs nothin’ makes El Diablo happier than when family comes to town. This past summer LandShark and mines cousin Ryan came to visit us all the way from Annapolis, Maryland.  Yes, I realize as I write this in January 2013, that my story is about 6 months overdue, however that is how long it has taken LandShark and I to recover from our visit from the 30”, 25lb. tower of terror.  Our sweet angel faced cousin had a LOT of energy, like endless amounts of self-sustaining energy, which is great if you’re an 80lb Labrador who wants to run and play fetch all day.  Not so great if you’re a 10lb Wiener who spends 85% of his day sun-bathing and napping.  I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the most exhausted that my bro LandShark and I have ever been.  Even though our Herculean cousin caused us to sleep for two weeks uninterrupted after he left we loved having him to play with and made him the first official member of our Wientourage.

~El Diablo, the sleepiest Wiener in the world.


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